Monkey Power was born in 2017, with the initiative of creating an elite brand for fitness products. It all started with our first suitcase model (FitnessPack) and a backpack to transport food in which, its unique and different design, made the difference between other brands. As time went by, the brand grew to a more professional and complete level . Thanks to this, new products were designed for the brand, with which we gave life to accessories for training in gyms.

Our products are aimed at the general public. We range from beginner to advanced trainers. Our designs and materials are designed for efficiency in durability for professional use, since all of them were developed with physiotherapist and bodybuilder advice, yielding highly positive results. In addition, our products are developed by the artisan hands of Mexican designers .

At Monkey Power we are committed to bringing a quality product to your hands, in addition to presenting a totally daring and youthful brand projected in its top quality colors and designs.