Military Green Fitness Suitcase Pack

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Introducing our high-performance sports suitcase, a perfect combination of style and functionality. This elegant sports accessory in military green, maintaining the black color of the classic Fitness Pack Suitcase, is made with porous leather material, which is not only durable but also breathable, keeping your food fresh throughout the day.

Standing out with primary fiber accents, this suitcase is not only durable, but also looks and feels exceptional. The Fitness Pack Suitcase is specially designed to carry your 4 Monkey Power tupperware, which also includes cutlery, a cylinder, a pill box and 2 cooling gels, ensuring that you can carry your food in an organized manner and keep it at the ideal temperature during your day.

With this suitcase, carrying your healthy food and maintaining your energy is easier than ever. Style, functionality and comfort come together in one accessory to take your active lifestyle to the next level.

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