Fitness Backpack Pack Red

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Discover the versatility of our FitnessPack Backpack, designed to adapt to your active and organized life. This innovative backpack features a special compartment that allows you to carry your meals in MonkeyPower tupperware, making it the perfect choice if you are studying, working or simply need a convenient solution for your day.

But that is not all; The FitnessPack offers much more. It includes a padded compartment for your laptop, ensuring you can safely take it wherever you go. Plus, there's room for your utensils, wallet, keys, notebooks and other essential personal items, keeping them organized and within reach.

The FitnessPack Backpack is ready to accompany you in all your daily activities, even your workouts. Get ready to face any challenge with style and comfort thanks to this versatile and practical backpack.


•3 1 L Tupperware, 2 Cooling Gels, 1 Set of Utensils, 1 Official Cylinder and 1 Pill Box

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